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Your Experts in Commercial and Industrial Spray Painting in London

Industrial Refinishing offers industrial spray painting services for London and the Home Counties. We pride ourselves on always delivering our valued customers, a high level of service and superior quality. We are committed to producing excellent results and we achieve this through our team of fully qualified painters. We have many years of experience in industrial spray painting and we use only the highest quality paints and products to carry out our work.  
Whether you need us to spray paint your industrial shutters, a whole warehouse floor or a simple window, we have the expertise and the manpower to deliver a very high quality professional result for a very competitive price. 

If your needs require it, we can bring our services directly to you, should you need us to apply spray paint coatings to components which are too big to move. Any potential difficulties that can arise from transport are eliminated. We can mobilise very quickly and work around your schedule to complete any last minute job efficiently and effectively. 


To find out more about residential, commercial and industrial spray painting in London and the Home Counties, contact us today. 

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We Care About the Environment 

Not only do we provide you with high quality spray painting services, we also make an effort to decrease the effects of our work on the environment. We are committed to using non-hazardous materials and substances and endeavour to always use ‘o-zone friendly’ products. We are in communication with two local councils, who keep us informed of any current changes to environmental health laws relating to the industry. This responsibility is always at the core of the work that we do.

We Pay Attention to Detail 

The difference between a mediocre spray painting job and a highly professional one is in the detail. Anyone can spray paint at a surface, but it takes a skilled painter to know exactly how thick the coats of paint should be, how to make the edges crisp and how to apply the paint so that it lasts longer, providing a flawless finish. Our team are comprised of highly experienced painting experts and there is a dramatic visible difference between our work and that of an amateur. If you want flawless high quality results, then you need to call in the experts. 


We Deliver Peace of Mind 

When you need the job done right the first time, you can rely on us to take responsibility and deliver a high quality finished result. We have built up a solid reputation for our excellent workmanship and our ability to complete tasks, every time – however tight the deadlines are. We are dedicated to our craft and are willing to clean, prepare and paint through the night to ensure that you are happy with the finished product. 





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