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Commercial and Industrial Spray Painting in London and the Home Counties 



Industrial Spray Painting 

At Industrial Refinishing we are committed to providing the best for your business, every time. We powder coat, paint or resurface industrial machinery and a variety of equipment, structures, goods and materials which are used in offices and industrial settings. Our team of talented spray painters are experts in their field and have many years of experience performing a wide range of spray painting tasks.





How Industrial Spray Painting Can Benefit Your Business 

In this competitive world, having a bright and clean industrial working area is very important. Ensuring that the ceiling, walls and equipment of your facility look new and polished will benefit your employees by giving them a safer and more pleasant workplace. It will also make a positive impression in the minds of your customers and business partners who visit your premises. Unclean ceilings and other surfaces in a factory setting can also contaminate products during the manufacturing process by allowing dirt and debris to fall into the production line.  
You will be amazed at the difference a new paint job can make in an industrial setting. A dark and dirty unpainted ceiling does not reflect any light, but when you paint the ceiling and walls in a fresh and bright colour this will increase the illumination within your facilities significantly. This will improve working conditions and the morale of your workforce. Contact us now, if you seek industrial spray painting in London and the Home Counties.

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Industrial Spray Painting Preparation 

The secret to amazing spray painting results is the preparation that happens before the work even starts. When we arrive on your industrial premises, we will follow all of the steps required to properly prepare for spray painting. This includes the sanding and cleaning of the surface which is to be painted. We prepare any metals by grit-blasting them or treating them with the right chemicals. We also won’t skip important preparation steps such as applying an undercoat.  
Preparing the surface which is to be painted will ensure that the paint adheres better, lasts longer and has a smoother finish which is free of any irregularities. We apply coverings to materials which give the service colour, improve aesthetics and ensure durability. For further details about our industrial spray painting in London and the Home Counties, contact us today. 

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Commercial Spray Painting

If you are in need of a commercial spray painter, we are here to deliver first class commercial spray painting. We offer spray painting solutions for a range of commercial properties including shopping centres, leisure centres, retail outlets, fitness centres and much more.  
At Industrial Refinishing we use specialised spray paint guns and the best techniques in order to provide spray painting at the highest level of quality. We can help to give your commercial premises a complete makeover, ensuring that all surfaces look clean, bright and new so that they will create a positive impression on your customers.




Spray Painting Delivers Fast and Professional Results 

If your commercial premises are looking a bit drab, dingy and dated, you will be blown away by how much more attractive they can look with a simple fresh coat of paint. Spray painting your commercial premises will make your space look fresher and newer, and this will only result in more customers and more business.  

Spray painting is perfect for reviving many types of surfaces quickly and very precisely. It gives a crisp and clean, polished look to many different surfaces including metal, aluminium and more. We have the ability to paint in a very wide range of colours, so that you can keep in with your company’s branding. We are very flexible and able to tailor our services to your requirements. We will deliver a beautiful and polished end result in a speedy fashion, so that disruption at your business premises is always at a minimum. 




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